Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bling Bling

This week, FleaStyle has brought in some accessories for the ladies. These are the latest fashion accessories that you don't wanna miss out, or you'll be called Miss "Out"~!


First of all, we have the Japanese lucky charm - mimizuku~!
According to Japanese culture, owls are said to be lucky charm because they chase away the evil spirits. Here are the two designs of mimizuku that FleaStyle brings to you:

Each mimizuku costs only RM24.90. So get one now and keep the bad spirits away from you!




Next, we have Hearts~~ Look closer! It's a heart within a heart...

Available in Red and Black, each Heart only costs RM15.00~!




BlingBling Dice is our next recommendation~! Wear this and have a prosperous year ahead~ hehe~~

Each BlingBling Dice costs RM29.90~!




We also have Butterflies~~

Available in 2 colors, each is only RM29.90~!


And here are some hottest items in Taiwan...

Kitty, Blackie & White Piggy

White Piggy & Teddy

3 different designs of Teddy

Teddy-01 & Teddy-03 flipped over

And the price as stated below (Please refer to the codes in the pictures):

CT01: RM25.00

PG01: RM29.90

PG02: RM29.90

TD01: RM34.90

TD02: RM29.90

TD03: RM29.90




And here are some must-haves for all the princess wannabes...

Inital-J & Hello Kitty

PR01: RM22.90

PR02: RM29.90




Set all the blingblings aside, let's go tropical~!

The bracelets are made from coconut shells. Assorted colors available. 3 for RM10~!




Finally... some dosage of calcium for you... These are bracelets made from fishbones~!

Available in Black and Brown~! It's only RM7.90 each.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Gadgets in Style: Hard-Cased Camera Pouch

FleaStyle is again, bringing in another product! This time around, we have a camera pouch!

This sexy pouch comes with a strap for you to sling your digicam over your shoulder.

The pouch is hard-cased, so it gives your camera a maximum protection!

If you think that black is dull, blue color is also available~!

Specially designed for Cyber-shot cameras, this stylish pouch also fits cameras of other brands, just like my Ixus 50.

Each pouch retails at RM33.90. Good news for first 5 buyers, you can get the pouch at RM28.00~!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hi-Tech in Style: Notebook Sleeves

Here's the latest addition in FleaStyle: 2 sleek notebook sleeves. With the sleeves, your notebook can be protected from scratches and small knocks. You can also use your favourite backpack as your notebook bag now, giving your notebook an extra layer of protection.

The first type has a smooth surface. Made from polyster, it is light, but tough. There are two zippers at the sides of the sleeves.

The second type, also made from polyster, has a softer surface. The padding is about 0.8mm thick. The holey surface gives it a softer look and feel, but the protection it gives is definitely not compensated. The soft padding will be capable of absorbing the impacts from small knocks.

Both sleeves come in various sizes and dimensions. It fits up to 15.4" widescreen. So faster get one for your precious laptop now~!

Both are priced at RM35.00 each. Grab one now before it runs out of stock!

Silhouette T-Shirts for men

FleaStyle is proud to present you two funky silhouette Tees~

The first Tee bears a simple but dynamic design. It has every elements of the current fashion - black, silhouette & bling bling silver. The silver silhouette design goes very well with the black material.

The second Tee is none other than the all-time favourite - Che Guevara. What's a better silhouette design if it's not Che Guevara. Get this funky Tee now~!

Both Tees are sold at RM25 each. Only M size available. Whilst stocks last!

Fashion Belt

Welcome to FleaStyle! Here's our first collection - Fashion Belt. This series of belts is very popular in Japan and Taiwan now. Various fashion magazines has been recommending it. It is the hottest item in the market now, especially the shiny ones.

The belt is made of PU soft leather. There is no limitation of your waistline, it's free size! Best of all, you can wear it whichever ways you want, be it above your hips or above your waist. Comes with a cute rounded buckle, you can use your creativity to create different knots with the belt.

FleaStyle has exclusively brought in 7 different colours of the fashion belt. Referring to the numbers in the picture, there are:

  1. White
  2. Red
  3. Black
  4. Gold
  5. Bronze
  6. Deep Purple
  7. Light Purple

You can now get the fashion belts at for only RM15.00* each! Whilst stocks last.

Leave a comment if you are interested in buying. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

*Excluding shipping costs

About FleaStyle

We constantly look at different sources to bring in fashionable collections at amazing prices. We are trying to make this blog into an online flea market, thus the name FleaStyle.

Hope you have a wonderful time at FleaStyle. Be different, be a FleaStyler!