Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hi-Tech in Style: Notebook Sleeves

Here's the latest addition in FleaStyle: 2 sleek notebook sleeves. With the sleeves, your notebook can be protected from scratches and small knocks. You can also use your favourite backpack as your notebook bag now, giving your notebook an extra layer of protection.

The first type has a smooth surface. Made from polyster, it is light, but tough. There are two zippers at the sides of the sleeves.

The second type, also made from polyster, has a softer surface. The padding is about 0.8mm thick. The holey surface gives it a softer look and feel, but the protection it gives is definitely not compensated. The soft padding will be capable of absorbing the impacts from small knocks.

Both sleeves come in various sizes and dimensions. It fits up to 15.4" widescreen. So faster get one for your precious laptop now~!

Both are priced at RM35.00 each. Grab one now before it runs out of stock!

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